hot day

A hot day outside means an unbearable day in our garage. An unbearable day in our garage means… time to dye with soda ash and Procion MX. I find that batching for four hours on silk in warm enough conditions provides some nice deep colors.

I thought I’d try dyeing some “edged” veils with direct application of activated dye. People like veils with contrast edges; normally I have to make them with two different tubs of dye and careful masking with plastic bags… it’s a pain in the neck. It would be nice if I could just squirt the dye on and have done with it. (What can I say? There are really only so many hours per veil I feel I want to spend.)

I folded one veil lengthwise and dyed the center brown and the edges a turquoise/green color. I didn’t correct the brown for silk hoping that the soda ash process would make it come out brown and not orange… it did get to be brown, but I hoped for a darker brown. I’ll go back to correcting I guess. The teal edges are very lovely but are (predictably) quite uneven. I knew it would not be a ruled line but hoped for a little better result than I got! Well. It still looks pretty cool.

I did one pole-wrapped veil in gold and green and turquoise. It is just yummy — makes me think of September when the leaves have just started to turn. Pictures soon.


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