Dye work reviving

Yes, I have been dyeing again! I’m trying to play around more with the supplies I have, picking colors more at random and checking out what happens. Recently I had a thought about the Colorhue silk dye I own. These dyes frustrate me because they are supposed to be so concentrated, yet that does not seem to be the case. So out of curiosity, I wrapped already-dyed silk (pink-shaded) on a pole (it was damp) and then squished it together firmly. Then I applied Colorhue in brown with a sponge brush. Then I just let it dry. The Colorhue was very dark, which was nice, but it really did not penetrate the layers! I ended up with interesting trails of broken lines here and there. It’s still cool, but how odd that it just sat on the top layer. I think this stuff is more like paint than dye.


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