Moving Day

While it’s nothing so dramatic as actually moving house, I did find plenty of drama in moving my dye workspace elsewhere in my home!

Since I began dye work I’ve been doing it in my kitchen. I know, I know: not the safest place to be dyeing. But basically, that’s where the microwave was, and that’s where the water was, and that’s where the old beat up linoleum was, so that was the best place to dye.

One of the problems with dye work, though, is all the accouterments one piles up for doing it. Little dye containers… piles of things to dye… measuring things, mixing things, squeezy things, poury things! Gallon jugs to 250ml containers. A bare gram of something to a five pound bag of something else. And while they weren’t all being stored in the kitchen, they were right next door, and they were taking up far too much room.

That meant it all had to go elsewhere… and so I picked it all up lock, stock, and barrel and moved it down to the laundry area. Now it’s just chaos down there as I need to obtain shelving and some method of organizing everything again, but in the meantime I dyed some silk wrapped on a pole in my rough approximation of arashi shibori.

One advantage the kitchen had over the basement was workspace, but my husband found me a coated-wire rack that fits beautifully over the laundry sink. Voila! workspace and a rinsing rack. He also hunted down a flexible hose to screw to the faucet for more options in rinsing. It works great (although, here’s a tip: hold it pointing away from you when you turn it on).

Really, the hardest part about the whole process was that it was like cooking in someone else’s kitchen. When the soda ash is usually there and the urea is usually there and the stirring rods are always there… well, I couldn’t find a thing. Not to mention that my glass stirring rods can fall between the rack slats if I’m not paying attention… it was all awkward, but I do have a nice piece hung to dry right now. I just need to get used to the new systems… once I figure out what the heck they are.


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