the trials of brown

Been a while since I posted, but I’ve had a sore foot for months, which reduces the time I’m willing to stand around doing dye work.

Got an interesting commission for a dance troupe — a set of pale pink and brown veils. I’ve had some success with pale blue and brown, and with pink and gold, and there was the “Chocolate Cherry” veil — how hard could it be?

chocolate cherry veil (sold)

Um. Very? Very hard?

Normally when I’ve been doing brown with an acid process on silk for my marbled veils, I’ve been correcting the brown with a little pale blue dye to keep it from going all orange. So my first attempt with pastel Baby Pink with the Truffle color was corrected the same way…

…and I got a very attractive purple veil.

Yep, the pink and the blue got together and had a purple fest. There’s no pink or brown in the result at all, just purple and darker purple.

My second attempt is much better — I swapped over to Camel brown to make the whole thing lighter and ditched the blue entirely. But I haven’t seen it dry yet, so the jury is a bit out.

Sheesh! brown! what a pain!


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