color paralysis

When dyeing a large batch of silk veils I still am subject to dreadful indecision when trying to choose colors! I used to try to spend time relating the spread of colors to the color wheel, but certain veil colors simply don’t sell as well as others. I can sell any number of blue or purple veils, but green and yellow veils can be a hard sell, and orange is fifty-fifty. I once pondered whether it had to do with what colors of costumes were popular at the moment, but seeing as the great majority of my veils go off to class with students, I suspect it just has to do with what colors are dancers’ favorites! 

Crayola (just as you’d think) has a vested interest in knowing what the favorites are out there, and has a fun feature on their website showing what they are in the U.S.  Top five on the list? Four blues and a purple! No green turns up until #18 and no yellow until #50! 

I also enjoy watching every season for the new Pantone color forecast to come out. Fall 2013 has a spectacular shade called Mykonos Blue as well as yummy purple Acai. But Emerald Green is their shade of the year so… I guess I should probably open up the drawer of greens to add to the Shimmy in the Grain collection.